Thursday, May 5, 2016

Loneliness and Writing, Plus a Draft

Being a poet is not something that's lonely to me.  I think I read/skimmed something on the Internet that talked about the loneliness of the writer.  Sure, a writer does have to spend a certain amount of time composing his or her writing.  Being alone in  your mind can feel a little lonely.  But, nowadays, at least in a city like D.C., there are ways to get involved.  I'm President of a workshop group, The Federal Poets.  As a friend of mine likes to put it, there's a reading almost every day somewhere in the Metro area.  I think sometimes I get too social, and I pull back on my schedule.  Even fiction/essay/memoir writers have workshops at The Writer's Center and many outside groups, as well.  I am grateful that I'm in a place that has so many writers.  I think it adds to my work, seeing what others are doing, and sharing ideas and strategies.  Here's a recent draft that wouldn't have been possible in a lonelier area.

"draft taken down"

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