Thursday, April 21, 2016

Music to Read By -- Into Eternity by Jens Lekman

A master of the love song, Lekman's work straddles the line between earnest and irony.  (I've seen him twice in concert, with each one seeming kind of Disco and cheesy in parts).  He can be so over the top that I'm not sure how to take it.  But I love his music, mostly, and this is one of his prettiest.  I think Lekman has showed me that everything doesn't have to be dark humor.  You can come out and say what you want, even if it's about happiness, longing, and love.  It can be hard to do that in poetry, but the more joy we have in it, I think the better off we might be as far as readership goes.

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Into Eternity

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