Friday, April 22, 2016

Personal and Political at Georgetown Reading, Draft of a Poem

I went to hear a poet read last night in Georgetown, and I was impressed by her work.  Not only was it experimental and accessible at the same time, she managed to mix the political and personal perfectly, such as her poem on landlords that matched resistance against paying rent to revolution on a wider scale.  I'm almost her opposite, in that I write what I feel are surreal parables that don't have a lot of political content.  On the one hand, I contemplate trying what she does, seeing if I can follow her brilliance in that area.  On the other, I feel O.K. in the niche I've placed myself in.  Sure, I don't have work with political resonance, but I think I talk about the universal, the situations that affect everyone.  Here is a draft poem that is an example of my weirdness.

"poem taken down"

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